Meeting Conferences

  • 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting Current Opinion in Ophthalmology. SAFWA Laser Vision Center.
    • Pannel discussuion "Cataract surgery from the vitreoretinal point of view"
      Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ashraf Shaarawy, Panelist: Prof. Dr. Hussein Ali Hussein, Prof. Dr. Alaa EL-Zawawy, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Magdy Bedda, Prof. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry, Prof, Dr. Samir EL-Baha.
    • Live Surgery: Toric IOL. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry.
  • The 21st Annual Meeting of Egyptian Society of Ocular Implants and Refractive Surgery (ESIORS) May 6-8, 2009. Board Members: Fathy EL-Sahn, MD, Alaa EL-Zawawi, MD, Osama Ibrahim, MD, Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Alaa Geith, MD
    • Cataract Surgery. Panel: Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Ahmed Hossam Abdallah, MD, Ahmed Osman, MD, Ahmed Shama, MD
    • Advanced Phacoemulsification. Moderator: Ahmed Assaf, MD, Speakers: Ismaeil Hamza, MD, Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Reyad Fekri, MD
    • Optimizing Cataract Surgical Procedures: Moderator: Ahmed El-Massry, MD
    • Intraoperative management of Astigmatism: Part2: Ahmed El-Massry, MD
    • Premium IOLs, Restor IOL implantation: Ahmed El-Massry, MD
    • Posterior Segment Complications of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Moderator: Samir EL-Baha MD, Panel: Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Ahmed Souka, MD, Ashraf Shaarawi, MD, Ehab EL-Rayes, MD, Magdi Mousa MD, Sherif Sheta, MD.
    • Refractive Debate. Multi focal vs presby Lasik: Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Ahmed Shama, MD
  • Scientific Program of the Jordanian Ophthalmology Conference 21-23 May, 2009.
    • Refractive & Cross Linking. Intacs with and without cross linking. Ahmed El-Massry, MD.
    • Refractive. Lasik in children. Ahmed El-Massry, MD.
    • Cataract. Recent advances in phacoemulsification. Ahmed El-Massry, MD.
  • Examiner of Doctor Degree in Arabian Beirut University. 21-23 May, 2009.
  • Alexandria Cornea Meeting 2009. The 19th Annual Meeting of the Department.
    Alexandria Faculty of Medicine Ophthalmology Department.
    Intacs with or without corneal cross linking. Ahmed El-Massry, MD.
  • Intacs, Different Strategy for Dealing with Keratoconus.
    Dr.Ahmed El-Massry. Medical International Monthly Magazine.
  • Egyptian Presbyopia Club meeting (EPC). 14 January, 2010.
    • Visual Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction with IQ ReSTOR+3 Compared to IQ ReSTOR+4. Dr. Ahmed El-Massry, MD.
    • Intacs with and without Corneal Collagen Cross Linking. Dr. Ahmed El-Massry.
  • Intacs with and without Corneal Collagen Cross Linking. Dr. Ahmed El-Massry.
    • Intacs with and without cross linking. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry.
    • In vitrectomized and siliconized eye. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry.
    • Comparative study between SBK, one use plus and femto Lasik flaps.
      Prof. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry.
    • Normative database of corneal hysterisis and corneal resistance factors in Egyptian.
      Population. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry, Dr. Nader Bayomi.
    • Evaluation of the visual outcome of multifocal intraocular lenses in Cataract Surgery.
      Dr. Alaa El-Zawawi, Dr. Osama Ibrahim, MD., Dr. Ahmed El-Massry, Dr. Mohamed Shafik, Dr. Ehab Osman.
  • Visiting Prof. Tripoli eye Hospital. Libya. 8-12 February 2010.
  • Trainer and Teacher of phacoemulsification in El-Nahr El-Atheim Hospital. Libya. 20-27 February 2010.