Meeting Conferences

  • OUP (SBK) versus femto second SBK. Moria Shanghai office.
    China 11 ـ14 Dec,2008.
  • The Seventy third Meeting of Delta Ophthalmological Clinical Society of Egypt Ophthalmology Department – Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, 25 December 2008.
  • Back to Micro-coaxial Phaco.
    Prof. Ahmed El-Massry. Scientific Meeting Program, Cairo. 23rd & 24th October,2008.
  • The Egyptian Society of Cataract and Corneal Diseases. 12 - 13 February,2009. Crosslinking and ring segments.
    Chairpersons: Ahmed EL-Massry, Amr Salah, Osama Ibrahim, Roberto Pinelli.
  • XVIIth Lebanese Ophthalmalofical Society Congress, (LOS). 24-26 April 2009.
    VIIth Arab regional Ophthalmological Meeting (AROM).
    XLIInd Middle – East Medical Assembly (MEMA).
  • 13th Annual Meeting of Delta Ophthalmological Society of Egypt (DOSE). 26 – 27 February 2009.
    Secretary of the Society: Prof. Ahmed EL-Massry.
    Members of the organzing Committee: Prof. Dalal Shawky, Prof.Alaa EL-Zawawy, Prof. Ahmed EL-Massry, Dr. Mohsen Abou Shousha.
    Members of Scientific Committee: Prof. Dalal Shawky, Prof. Ahmed EL-Massry, Dr. Mohsen Abou Shousha.
  • Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO) IN Bahrain, 26 – 30 March 2009.
    • Decision making in refractive surgery. Dr. Ahmed El-Massry.
    • Comparison between bimanual phaco & microcoaxial phaco using Ozil technology.
    • Biomechanical changes of the cornea after 130 micron flap LASIK, SBK thin flap LASIK and Epi-LASIK.
    • Comparison between Intacs alone and Intacs followed by cross linking for patients with Keratoconus.
    • Sutureless removal of Intralenticular metallic foreign body.
  • ASCRS – ASOA. Symposium & Congress. April 2009.
    • Biomechanical Changes in the Cornea after LASIK with Flap Thickness 130 μm, Thin Flap LASIK, and Epi-LASIK. Ahmed EL-Massry MD.
    • Ocular Response Analyzer Versus Goldmann Applanation Tonometry: Correlation of Findings. Nader Bayoumi,MD, Coauthors: Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Amr Bessa.
    • CORNEA Potpourri: Moderator: Richard Davidson, MD
      Panelists: Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Mohamed H. Hosny, MD,FRCS, Edward Wylegala, MD, PHD.
    • Ocular Response Analyzer Normative Database for Egyptian Population.
      Ahmed El-Massry, MD, Coauthors: Nader Bayoumi,MD, Amr Bessa.
  • Sudanese Ophthalmological Society. The 16th Scientific Conference 14 – 16 April 2009.
    Update in Glaucoma. (Duo Trav). Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry.
    Phaco. Dr. Ahmed EL-Massry
  • The 3rd Scientific Conference, Ophthalmic center in Kafr EL-Sheik.
    Sutureless removal of Intralenticular metallic foreign body.