Meeting Conferences

  • Phaco Techniques and Technology . 25 October 2007.
    Chair persons: Ahmed El-Massry , Ismail Hamza , Riyad Fikry.
    • Management of pre-existing astigmatism in bimanual phaco. Ahmed El-Massry.
    • Multifocal IOLS. Ahmed El-Massry.
  • Monthly Clinical Meeting of ophthalmology department. 25 December 2007.
    Hot Keratoplasty . Dr. Ahmed El- Massry.
  • 1st International Conference of Tanta Ophthalmology Department.
    Restore Multifocal IOLs . Dr. Ahmed El-Massry. 27 December 2007.
  • The 69th Clinical Meeting of Delta Ophthalmological Society of Egypt in Co- operation with Ophthalmological Department Faculty of Medicine – Zagazig University.
    Dr. Ahmed El-Massry Secretary of Society. 3 January 2008
  • The first Middle East Combined VISX and Intralase Users Meeting. Epilasik (without flap) versus Lasik using Custom view treatment.
    Ahmed El-Massry. Thursday 24th January 2008.
  • The Annual Meeting of Kafr EL- Sheikh Ophthalmic centre. 7th February 2008. Multifocal IOLs the future of refractive Lenticular surgery.
    Ahmed El-Massry.
  • Damanhour Centre Meeting, 8th February, 2008 Basic Phaco Techniques.
    Ahmed El-Massry. Chair Persons: Ahmed El-Massry, Mohamed Shafik.
  • Ophthalmalogic Visco Surgical devices. EL- Safwa Center. 15th February 2008.
  • Saudi Ophthalmology 2 – 5 March 2008.
    • Management of Pre- Existing Astigmatism in Bimanual Phacoemulsification.
      Ahmed El-Massry.
    • Understanding and Approaching Multifocal IOLs.
      Ahmed El-Massry. March 2008.
    • Corneal Biomechanical Changes in LASIK Versus EpiLASIK.
      Ahmed El-Massry. March 2008.
  • Egyptian Ophthalmology Society, Annual Meeting in conjunction with the European Society of Ophthalmology.12 – 14 March 2008.
    Small Incision Cataract Surgery. Moderator: Ahmed El-Massry MD, Ryad Fikry MD,
    Khaled Mansour MD, Fathy Fawzy MD, Ashraf Swellem MD, Mahmoud Afify MD.