Meeting Conferences

  • The Ophthalmalogical Society of Egypt. The Annual Meeting. March 22-24, 1995.
    • Cyclopentolate toxicity in children. Ahmed EL-Massry
    • Study of the complications of Yag Laser posterior capsulotomy. Ahmed EL-Massry
  • The Ophthalmalogical Society of Egypt. The Annual Meeting in conjuction with the University of Lausanne. 11-13 March 1998. Instruction Courses. Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy. M.Sobhy, H.Anis, K.EL Rakhawy, S.Karawia, A.EL.Massry, E. Shohaib.
  • The 15th Annual Congress of Ophthalmology Department. Faculty of Medicine- Alexandria University. Prevention of blindness Congress Coordinator Dr. Ahmed El-Massry. 15 – 16 September 2005.
  • ASCRS.ASOA. Ahmed EL-Massry, MD. ASOA Congress on Ophthalmic Practice Management. March 17-22, 2006 in San Francisco
  • 2007 Meaco Dubai, April
    • Phaco pearls & pitfalls. (MEACO) Middle East African Councel Ophthalmology Course Dubai
    • Epi-Lasik versus Lasik using custom vue corneal ablation, 6 months results (MEACO).
    • Cataract Technology and Techniques, What’s new? Moderator: Ahmed El-Massry.
    • Control of Astigmatism in bimanual phacoemulsification (MEACO).
    • Epi- Lasik vs. Lasik using wave front ablations (MEACO).
  • Attending and Participating in the “First annual meeting of EL-SAFWA laser vision center”
    “Sutureless removal of intralenticular metallic foreign body
  • 19TH Annual Meeting of Ocular Implants and Refractive Surgery (ESOIRS).
    • Epi-Lasik vs. Lasik using wave front guided ablation ESCRS 2006.
      Ahmed EL-Massry MD.22-25 May 2007.
    • Management of pre exiting astigmatism in bimanual phacoemulsification MEACO 2007. Ahmed EL-Massry MD.
      22-25 May 2007.
    • Multipharma instruction course: 4TH generation quinolones.
      Ahmed EL-Massry, MD. 23 May 2007.
    • Fundamentals of a presbyopia: Correcting IOL practice.
      Ahmed EL-Massry MD. 23 May 2007 Manging astigmatism
    • Refractive Surgery Session. ORA … my first 100 cases.
      Ahmed EL-Massry MD. 22-25 May 2007.
    • ESOIRS instruction course, New techniques of phacoemulsification.
      Alaa EL-Zawawi MD, Ahmed EL-Massry MD. 24 May 2007.
    • Video Live Surgery (Alcon – Egypt).
      Management of pre- existing astigmatism in bimanual phaco. Ahmed EL-Massry MD. 24 May 2007
    • - Refractive Surgery Debate and trial (Sponsored by AMICO-VISX).
      Presby lasik vs multifocal IOLS. Mounier khalifa MD vs Ahmed EL-Massry MD. 22-25 May 2007.
  • Round Table Discussion about Living without glasses. Sporting Club. 10 July 2007.
  • Annual meeting of ophthalmology department. August 2007. Keratoplasty in children.
  • XXV ESCRS Congress in Stockholm. 8-13 September 2007
    • Epilasik (without flap) versus lasik using custom view treatment. Poster presentation at the XXV Congress of the ESCRS. 8-13 Sept. 2007.
    • Management of pre-existing astigmatism in bimanual phacoemulsification.