EpiLASIKis an innovation (new procedure) designed to restore natural vision with the help of an epikeratome. The Epi-Lasik surgeon uses an epikeratome, a separator that creates an epithelial sheet, to make a thin flap epithelial. The Wavefront based excimer laser beam is then applied one the bed to successfully correct refractive errors and restore clear vision.

  • Overcomes the limitations of LASIK.
  • The treatment of choice for eyes with high powers.
  • Treatment of choice for thin corneas.
  • Very safe for steep and flat corneas.

EpiLASIK is well-suited for

  • Patients who are not condidates for LASIK.
  • Patients age 18 years of age or older.
  • Patients who are Myopic up to - 20.0 Diopters.
  • Patients who are Hyperopic + 6.0 Diopters.
  • Patients with Astigmatism +_ 6.0 Diopters.